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Within the pages of "Gentle Leading: Meditations for Families with Transgender-Identified Children," Lanya Kachannie addresses the spiritual issues that accompany a child's sudden transgender identification. Kachannie tackles fear; grief; anger; questions about God's sovereignty, goodness, & trustworthiness; as well as leads readers on a deep dive into what the Bible has to say about personhood and God's intention for his creation.


Whether you are the parent, family member, or friend of a transgender-identified child, or simply someone who wants to understand more about the myriad spiritual implications of the transgender narrative, "Gentle Leading: Meditations for Families with Transgender-Identified Children" offers a perspective on love and truth that culminates in renewed hope and faith.


"Each day of this devotional brings hope, healing, and knowledge with actionable items. With amazing spiritual insight the author gives simplicity to this deeply personal and complex issue. This would be a great devotional for any man or woman, even if you are not dealing with transgender issues."

--Pastor Robert Roper, First Baptist Church of Alva (FL)

& Founder of Operation Millstone

Gentle Leading: Meditations for Families w/Transgender-Identified Children (PDF)

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